Posted by: greatfallsgirl | February 8, 2014

You Can’t Call Us Wimps in Great Falls

I spent the last few days away from Great Falls, seeing a friend in Seattle.  While I was gone, Great Falls was in the midst of another cold snap.

great falls blog

I keep track of temperatures around Montana.  Yesterday, Great Falls was lower than all the other places in the state I track (even colder than Cut Bank and Chester!).  I have to admit, it kind of made me proud. What does a “below zero wind chill factor” look like?  Here’s a shot of U.S 2 near Browning when I got back.  The wind chill though was only – 20 F at the time.


What a – 20 F wind chill looks like…east of Browning, MT on US 2

We learn how to deal with these things here.  We plug in the heat tape on our water pipes. We put cardboard on our pickup truck radiators, in addition to plugging in the block heaters. We don’t close schools in Great Falls.  Businesses don’t close.  Life goes on as normal.  Well done Great Falls…well done.



  1. Hearty soul, you are!!

    • My bonus for driving up US 2 after I got off the train…I saw a big light gray wolf RIGHT BY THE ROAD. No, I didn’t get my camera out in time before it took off. What a treat though!

  2. We definitely learn to deal but we definitely don’t have to like it. I hated MT for this reason. I hated the wind, I hated the blizzards, I hated the Chinook winds that melted everything and created slushy, sloggy, mess and then it would start all over again. Oh, and we can’t forget the Missouri River flooding every other Spring. Yuck. To this day I can’t stand wind. It’s been pretty cold here lately – very reminiscent of Great Falls. Not in a good way. Sorry I can’t say I miss any of that and long for a place to live with more temperate climates.

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