Posted by: greatfallsgirl | June 11, 2013

It’s a Tradition

When we got to Great Falls last fall, my partner Kurt (not from Montana) wasn’t totally impressed by Borrie’s.  My friend Becky gave him a sharp look as he scoffed at the idea of going there for dinner.  “It’s a tradition” she told him for people in Great Falls.  It was one of the first places I would go when I came home, and my uncle would send me a gift certificate for there every Christmas before he passed on. Now that I’m back, I always have a container of Borrie’s bleu cheese dressing in my fridge.

When we were there last month, Mel was working.  She’s been a waitress there for over 40 years.  I remember her from when I was a kid (and she doesn’t look that different after all these years!).  I talked to her for a few minutes…she remembered my parents from years ago!  Now, that’s tradition.

There are other “traditions” too…some of them are gone, like Burger Master and Zandy’s.  Scheffi’s.  Wong’s.  But thankfully some are still around.  Here are some pictures of my favorite “traditions.”

blog borries

At Borries…I had the Prawns and Ravioli and Kurt had a T-Bone steak and Half & Half.  He did admit the steak was awesome!


Taco Treat has 99 cent tacos from 2 – 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and the place is usually very busy then.  Of course, you can’t get tacos without getting a Cheese Crisp…it’s tradition!

blog howards

Howard’s Pizza has been a tradition for many years in Great Falls.  No matter where I’ve been in the world, I’ve always asked pizza joints to square cut the pizza for me, just like Howard’s.  May not be exactly the same, but it helped.

blog el com

How could you go into the El Comedor and not get some fluffy tacos and a Fat Alberto…tradition!

I hope these few pictures bring back great memories.  You really can’t call Great Falls a “culinary capital” but I know many that wouldn’t trade a meal at one of our “traditions” for a so-called gourmet meal anyplace else in the world.



  1. Fantastic. Thanks for this.

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give for some onion rings and a flying cheese sandwich from “The Burg.” Great post!

    • The new pizza place in the old Little Big Man/ Quinzos/ Riverboat Queen has onion rings that are exactly like the Burger Master!

  3. We never ate at Taco Treat, ALWAYS Taco John’s (on 10th)! I wish I could have an Apple Grande right now!

  4. Even I’m not a *huge* fan of the food at Borrie’s, but I always respectfully bow to the wishes of others when they say we need to eat there. And we love Mel, too – she is awesome!

  5. Love Howard’s Pizza and we always go when we visit.
    I’ve never found another with that special flavor.
    I always wonder what the secret ingredient was????

  6. Scheffi’s! There’s a name I haven’t heard in many years. Used to stop there for breakfast on the way back to Malmstrom after partying at the Cartwheel back in 1971/1972.

  7. Yum. I loved the pizza burger at the burg.. Still love going to taco treat, my kids even look forward to this tradition.

  8. The main thing I missed when I left Great Falls over 20 years ago was the food. I remember all the restaurants and food mention above and I STILL miss them. The Ramp Burger and Pizza Burger…the incredibly cheap hamburgers at Zandy’s when cruising the drag…Borries…Taco Treat…(still miss their enchiladas the most) chicken and sour cream fluffy tacos and the lolitas…and Sheffi’s 🙂 coffee by the barrel…speaking of the Barrel 🙂
    I’ll probably never move back but I won’t forget.

    • I was just thinking about the Taco Treat last week. Their taco dogs?
      (deep fryed corn tortilla and a hot dog). Used to eat them for lunch back when I was in Jr High at Paris Gibson.

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