Posted by: greatfallsgirl | April 11, 2012

Hempl’s Bakery

Hempl’s Bakery at 16 6th Street SW on the westside of Great Falls

Our family always got baked goods from Hempl’s Bakery on the westside.  Whenever I came back home on visits, I’d always stop there to pick up donuts before heading up to the farm to see my uncle.  He was crazy about them.

The Rasmussens launched Hempl’s Bakery in the late 1960’s. Grandma Rasmussen came up with the name:

H – for Harold, Grandpa
E – Effie, Grandma
M – Myrlin, first daughter
P – Paul, middle son
L – Linda, last daughter
‘s – Grandchildren

The family sold the bakery in the 1980’s.  It’s great to know how the name came about, and even greater the name remained the same.  (Paul Rasmussen shared the story on how it was named on a Great Falls Facebook group.)

Yes, Hempl’s Bakery has a Facebook page…you can find it here.



  1. We loved Hempl’s bakery. My Dad was from Butte & Hempl’s sold povitca which is a yummy nut roll bread that he had only ever seen in Butte so of course he was thrilled. We loved this bakery so much when we were teenagers that we nicknamed it “Pimple’s” bakery.

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