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Wadsworth Park

After moving back to Fort Benton for a short time in my teens, I’d often return to Great Falls with my friends.  Sometimes we ended up out at Wadsworth Park, way out on the west side of Great Falls.

My Great Falls friends would freak us out, talking about how the place was haunted.  Believe me…we were FREAKED.  Nobody could really say exactly why it was haunted then, but not too long ago I found out the story behind the murders that happened there.  This is from a newspaper article dated January 5th, 1956.

Girl, 16, Found Shot to Death; Escort Slain

GREAT FALLS, MONTANA – The body of a 16-year-old blonde, a bullet through her head, was found in a rocky ravine Wednesday, eight miles from the lover’s lane where her Air Force sweetheart was slain.

Pretty Patricia Kalizke’s fully clothed body lay at the foot of a 20-foot embankment off a highway six miles northwest of this central Montana city.

The girl’s escort, S2C Lloyd Duane Bogle, 18, of Waco, Tex. was found face down beside his parked car Tuesday morning.  His hands were bound behind his back.  He also had been shot in the head.

Sheriff D.J. Leeper said there was little doubt the same person killed both.

The sheriff ruled out both sex and robbery as possible motives.  He said Patricia apparently had not been attacked, and there was $5 in Bogle’s wallet.

Deputies were joined by air police from nearby Malmstrom Air Force Base, where Bogle was stationed, in searching for clues.

“We are grabbing at every straw we can find,” said Leeper.  “We have a mad killer on the loose.”

Officers questioned friends of the two on the theory the shootings may have climaxed a love triangle.

The sheriff said there was no indication the girl or the airman put up a struggle, indicating the killer could have been known and trusted by them.

The pair was not engaged, but had been dating steadily for the past several months.

This isn’t really a thing to “miss” about Great Falls, but it is worth mentioning since it is a part of the city.  I don’t know if it was ever solved…if someone knows, let us in on it in the comments please.  This is the article from the Michigan newspaper this information was located:



  1. Thank you for the information on this post. I grew up on the west side of GF and we used to mess around at wadsworth. We thought it was haunted or there was a murder there. Just kinda figured it was an urban legend. Maybe not, maybe our being freaked out was justified

  2. Thanks Joe…yeah, I was on a mission to find out because I always wondered what happen!

  3. I vagally remember Wadsworth park at the time I lived in G.F back in the early 60’s. Use to go there to neck-an-make out. although I remember hearing the stories, and about the hauntings, never thought to much about it. Itjink it is great that someone is taking an enterest inb such things now days. How easy we forget past events, and the inpact they can have on our future.

  4. Thank you for this. I’m currently living in GF, and have a friend who told some crazy stories about being out in Wadsworth one night. I’m doing research on it, and plan to visit it soon. If you have anything more you can tell me about it, I would love to hear about it! I’m a history major and truly enjoy local history.

  5. I remember this, The postal workers had some summer picnics there after the murders and I was about 9-11 or so and it was spooky, I do not think i heard it was solved, but no sexual assault, no robbery, ….it was obviously personal, old boyfriend, old girlfriend, someone angry about the relationship. It should be reopened.


  7. Officially, this crime was never solved, i.e.: no arrest was ever made. However, my good friend, retired Great Falls P.D. Detective, and cold-case expert, John Cameron, has in fact solved this crime, along with an incredible list of other connected murders committed by one man, Edward Wayne Edwards. John’s book detailing this and a multitude of other murders will be released in June 2014, and titled ‘It’s me! Edward Wayne Edwards: the serial killer you never heard of.’

  8. there was also the rape and murder of Vicki Renville in Wadsworth Park in 1971. That was pretty brutal too.ju

  9. I worked with Lloyd in the 29th FIS; we were both the same rank, age and worked in airborne electronics, later called avionics. I normally worked with him every day, except the week he was killed. That week I was attending a class at Kessler AFB, MS. What a shock it was to hear about it when I returned.

    He was really a great guy. He could have accomplished a lot had he lived.


    I was told a story that is plausible and differeant from some of the stories I see here.

    By the way at that time and place they were using F84s for an unconvential type of bombing and KB29 to refuel them in flight.

  10. Yes, there was a seamier side to GF, that mercifully, most of us coming up post-War either knew nothing of, or may have overheard veiled references to when our parents didn’t think we were listening.
    I don’t recall the name, except that I think it was Italian, and the event was quite notorious in the 50’s, because the man and his wife were executed gangland style somewhere out on the Westside.
    When I was older, my dad said he heard that, with the right connections, there were people at the Park Hotel that could arrange to have some “whacked” for the right price. Who knows for sure; surely, not I.

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