Posted by: greatfallsgirl | May 26, 2011


These ice cream carts had the run of Great Falls in the 1960’s and 70’s I know.  When you heard that music coming from the speakers on the top of the vehicle, it was almost an impulse to start searching your pockets for change while walking out the door to meet Frosty in the street.

They had a platoon of carts that would hit the streets in the morning during the summers.  I remember them frequently in Riverview, where I lived several times.

One of the characters in the movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot had a job driving a cart as a cover, so I got these shots from the movie.  In this scene, George Kennedy had just jumped in to join the driver on his route, to talk about the “job” they were getting ready to pull.

Other places I have lived generally had old vans or trucks that ran the streets to sell their ice cream.  I hadn’t seen anyplace else that had these cool little carts.  It was one more thing that made Great Falls great.



  1. If anyone knows anything about them pre-1960 or post 70’s, please enlighten us. I couldn’t find a phone listing for Frosty, or anything close, so I am guessing they aren’t around anymore. I hadn’t seen any carts for a long, long time. Thanks!

    • Larry Lucero who was a teacher at Great Falls High School was one of the owners of the Frosty Carts during the later part of the 70’s. I believe that he is still in town. He would be a great source of information.

      • Thanks Joe!

  2. […] of things that Great Falls Girl misses about her hometown – this time featuring the Frosty ice cream trucks (carts?)! Which reminds me – I could have sworn I heard an ice cream truck at about 9:00 pm […]

  3. Is that last pic of where the frosty carts come rolling out of the building located on machinery row? That Montana Hatchery building or whatever it is, looks familiar.

  4. I drove a Frosty truck in 1963 and 64, it was my first summer job in High School. I enjoyed the job and was surprised that I was successful at it. The hardest part was trying to distinguish the kids with money who wanted me to stop and those who just came out to stare at the truck. At that time the company was owned by Bob Dillabough who was a teacher at Great Falls High; he was a great guy to work for and I have fond memories of him. I was sad to see his obituary when I searched for his name.

  5. How about the old downtown theatres…Civic Center, Liberty, Town, & the Rainbow with TWO balconies. Those were the days my friend.

  6. I drove one of the Frosty carts one summer in high school – must have been 1971 or 1972. To this day, I can hear the music, note for note in my head! The warehouse I reported to in the morning was out on South River Road. I was naive in high school – the older kids with the “munchies” in Gibson Park kinda bothered me a bit. Was too much of a soft touch with little kids who had no money – gave away quite a bit of stuff!

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