Posted by: greatfallsgirl | May 13, 2011

The Country Club Addition

I now live in a large midwest city, so it is absolutely wonderful when I run into someone from Montana.  I had the best meet last week.  I currently go to a therapy pool to try and walk again after a bad accident, and one of the few ladies that come to the pool in the afternoons I found out is from Great Falls too.  Better yet, she was in my neighborhood (well, one of them as I had lived all over Great Falls in different neighborhoods, but that is another post).

Carolyn lived on Alder Drive in the Country Club Addition near the 13th hole on the Country Club’s golf course.  It is a beautiful street that curves it’s way back into the neighborhood, bordering the golf course.  She also went to West Junior High School.  She is older than me though, graduating from high school in 1965 before CMR came into being.  She told me how Great Falls High had two shifts of students at the time because of crowding.  Carolyn went to school during the morning shift.  I recall this but not well since my two older cousins in town went to Central.  We both reminisced about having to walk home from West Junior High sometimes when we would miss the bus, etc.  We talk about Ford’s Drive In, Hempl’s Bakery, just anything great about the west side.

I lived at the end of Alder Drive, in Park Garden Estates.  As I looked at Google Maps this morning to get a picture on Alder Drive (not of Carolyn’s house), I couldn’t believe how the area had grown around Park Garden Estates.  My old house though looked the same…that was nice to see.

I saw in the Great Falls Tribune this morning that the population of Montana is now 989,415.  Add in two more die hard Great Falls girls in the midwest that will always consider Great Falls home.



  1. […] currently lives out of state; her blog title says it all: Thing I Miss About . Her latest topics: her old neighborhood in Fox Farm, and the legendary Sip-n-Dip […]

  2. I spent about twelve years in Great Falls, Montana. I was a high school teacher at Great Falls, High and then went into the automobile business for the remainder of my time. I first worked for Jesse’ Jame’s Auto Plaza on 10th Ave So. Then worked for the Pierce’s and finally wound up working for Pete’s Auto Sales. He was the best guy to work for and probably still is.
    I have found memories of Great Falls. I did many of the Christmas Cantata musicals that were put on by Calvary Church. Although I grew up in southern California, Montana’s got that state beat by miles! I used to live out at Marony Dam. That was a great place to catch trout until the Power Company bought everyone out and left it desolate. Glad to read your stuff! It brings back great memories. Some day I hope to return there. I’m stuck in Independence, Mo, for now. Only for awhile…..only for awhile.

    • Oh, I remember Pete’s Auto Sales well! They always had several cars I really really wanted! Great business! Thanks so much for your comments Mark. There is so much I miss about Great Falls. The last time I was there I had a great heart to heart talk with the bartender at Borrie’s while we were waiting for a table (who by the way was married to our waitress that night, and she used to wait on our family I swear 40 years ago…and still looked the same amazingly!!), and I realized just how much there was to miss about Great Falls, and wanted to write about it a little. So I ended up with my little rambling blog. Thanks again!

  3. Such wonderful memories of my childhood in the 50s and 60s. What what a great place to grow up. I attended Franklin grade school, Valley View grade school, Largent and Paris Gibson. My father worked at the Paris.

  4. Another Mid-weterner enters the “lists”. although my home was North Dakota, many of the education graduates from Minot State University were hired by the Great Falls School system and thus I taught at Longfellow School for about 4 years, lived near Gibson Park, and walked to St. Ann’s for Mass and of course, was very close to Central and the shops and movie theatre. Wonderful school system, plenty of $$ for supplies for art and music with supervisors who kept us on our toes. I taught 6th grade at Longfellow and still can name most of the children in my classes and remember them with love and gratitude for the “good years”. Another fellow teacher from Longfellow also lives here in the KC Mo. area and we enjoy getting together.

    Thanks for the blog “greatfallsgirl”. Stumbled on this blog, looking up info on the Black Eagle restaurants which we visited a time or two. Also, enjoyed the picnic at Ryan Dam–no need to light a fire; just turn on the hot plate or something with the power provided by the dam. Right? Especially nice if I did not forget the hamburger at my apartment.

    Also, one more comment; I walked past the 1st National Bank every night from school but never noticed the gargoyles. Too late.


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