Posted by: greatfallsgirl | November 15, 2009

You Can Take The Girls Out Of Montana…

…but you can’t take Montana out of the girls.

My cousin’s livingroom wall, showing one of the few skulls hanging there.

My cousin grew up in Stanford on her family’s ranch, and I spend my earlier childhood in Fort Benton near our family’s ranch before moving to Great Falls, but our childhoods and family gatherings always centered around our Grandfather’s house on 5th Ave. North.  We both live elsewhere now…I live in a large midwestern city and my cousin in a large east coast city.  But to the casual stranger, we seem a bit odd.  I drive a huge Ford Superduty F-250, 4×4, offroad truck.  With the brushguard on the front.  And oversize all-terrain tires.  My friends marvel “how do you get up into that big thing” and I have to laugh.  It is not a practical vehicle for the city I live in, but I’ve always driven pickups it seems, even if I’ve had the second car to drive around.   I am visiting my cousin now, and as I look around her living room, seems she has a lot of Montana in her too.  Besides the bear skins and sheep castrators (yes, two of them from our grandfather’s ranch) lying about, you have to watch just where you step to make it around the bear traps.


Watch out for the bear traps!



  1. I was grew up on 5th Avenue North too but closer to the Gibson Park. I’m looking for pictures of Paris Gibson Junior High School with both buildings. I went there from fall 1964 to spring 1967. Does anyone know where any pictures are online?

    • Hi Sheryl, my Grandpa’s house was in the 700 block of 5th Ave. No. Can anyone help her with Paris Gibson Junior High pics?

  2. You have seen the clip where they blow up Paris Gibson on the Central Ave. side…for the movie Telefon? Look at the movie trailer in my post on it here.

    • I have some really old Great Falls High yearbooks, while Paris as we know it was Great Falls High. I might be able to scan some of the pictures in there and send them to you. I’ve lived in Great Falls since about 1967, and it was fun to read through some of your old memories. I currently live right across from Gibson Park and I teach at Great Falls High. Let me know if you are interested in the pictures and I’ll see what I can come up with.
      Bob Stingley email is

  3. i, too, grew up on 5th Av.No., up on 28th street…
    And like the cousins, I’m also away, but the other direction, out in Vancouver, Washington…across the mighty Columbia River from Portland, Oregon…and I seem to remember Paris Gibson being used in a Clint Eastwood movie… think it was called “ThunderFish and LightHound.”

    Rod Steckler email is

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