Posted by: greatfallsgirl | October 22, 2009

Minneapolis Bar

This may sound odd, but I was sad when the Minneapolis Bar in downtown Great Falls closed down.  This was run by a good family that had community spirit.  Many older family-run establishments in Great Falls were like this.  They sponsored youth sports teams in town.  This picture is from the 1949 (I think it was) Great Falls High School Yearbook….the Minneapolis Bar sponsored this team my dad was on (you can just make out the establishment’s name on the openings of their jackets).  In much more recent times, I would meet my uncle down there sometimes for a drink before I left Montana, and I would look at the sports stuff they had up.  My uncle told me a family member opened up an establishment since on the west side, but I never made it into his new place with my uncle, he has since passed on.  But this is one thing that makes Great Falls great, the community spirit these family-run establishments have.  And that is rare in the world outside Montana…

Minneapolis Bar team



  1. I miss the Minnie House too, and Wong’s!

    • And I miss Gregg Smith…”the littlest litigator in the land”. Some great memories in those old walls Greg. There was only one Wongs!

  2. me too, loved Wongs and the Minni house, my father grew up at the Minni House, remember the Fronter card room around the corner.

  3. Thanks in advance any pics of the Minni House

    me too, loved Wongs and the Minni house, my father grew up at the Minni House, remember the Fronter card room around the corner.

    David Lane

    • My sister had a friend show up at a sale they had after closing down (I didn’t know about it….sigh), she being in Seattle. The handle on her kegerator came from the Minnie House (I **think** it is a Rainier handle). What a treasure to have.

  4. I would be interested in any photos or memorabilia for the Minneapolis House Bar. A friend of mine’s Dad once owned it.

    • I was at the St. Regis Swap meet where I bought a packet of miscellaneous papers, and there are receipts from the Minneapolis House Bar. The receipts are cash register receipts from November, 1945 with names written on them, so I’m assuming they are people’s daily tabs. There are also invoices from Bartley Distributing Company from July, 1954. I will gladly put these in the mail and send them to you.

      • That would be great.

        Jon Olson
        135 Ridge Ave.
        Newton Center, MA 02459


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